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Roti Mediterranean Grill (2221 I St. NW)


As one of the newest venues open at The Avenue, Roti offers Mediterranean style food very close to the GW campus.  Since it is an up and coming restaurant that is new to the Foggy Bottom area, the staff lacks in knowledge about some of the dishes and sauces, but hopefully these issues work themselves out in time. They won’t mess up your order or anything along those lines, but you may be required to point at what you want rather than referring to it by name (for example, the staff didn’t know which sauce was the tzatziki sauce).

Now onto the important part…the food.  We ordered the Mediterranean Plate with steak and the Double Chicken Kabobs plate.  Each plate came to a grand total of around $9.  This is not bad at all for a great variety of food.

Mediterranean Steak Plate: We ordered it with cucumber and tomato salad, Greek olives, Rice, and Spanish zucchini.  Topped with the red pepper aioli sauce, this dish was full of flavor and the steak was well cooked.  The dry rub that is used on the steak itself serves as a huge source of flavor and is truly unique to Roti.  The variety really makes this plate extraordinary and worth the $9. The rice was definitely unique and delicious.

Double Chicken Kabob Skewers: We ordered this variation with the tomato and cucumber salad and mixed vegetables.  The chicken was very moist, but on its own didn’t have a lot of flavor.  It is, however, a mild meat that pairs nicely with any of the offered sauces. The rice and pita, given with every meal, are full of flavor and are a great addition to any meal.  With the two sides, the overall dish was very colorful.  The mixed vegetables came with a vinegar based sauce which was a nice compliment, however it would have been better if the vegetables were warm instead of cold.

Overall, Roti is great for a quick meal.  Most dishes are under $10 and you get a wide array of options for that low price.  For the GW followers, Roti does accept GWorld, making it an even more convenient option and adds something different to the current dining options around campus.

Ordering Hint: While in line, ask for a sample of the falafel. If you enjoy the flavor, get it at as a side for just $3!


Our First Bite…


Welcome foodies to BitebyBiteDC!  This up and coming blog will serve as your one- stop-shop for affordable, delicious restaurants within our nation’s capital. Aimed at the college student, we look to provide you with some of the best well known and off the beaten path restaurants that are sure to excite your appetite. Our first bite will happen this week…stay tuned!